Water Filtration / Water Softening


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Water softeners use a process called Ion exchange, This is the only proven way to remove Calcium and magnesium from water that causes Lime scale.

In a duplex system two tanks operate together, One is in service whilst the other having regenerated is at rest waiting for when the first tank has reached saturation (or timed value)and it will close to regenerate when the second tank will take on service.

This unique design of twin tank|(Duplex) softener means you continue to get soft water even during regeneration (ie, Uninterrupted 24 hrs a day)

This is not the case with Simplex softeners (single tank systems)where hard water can be let ito your system while regeneration is taking place, their is of course opportunity to use sa simplex on a small set up when you can set the time to regenerate at a time of no use ie. 2 am in the morning.

Typical Simplex single tank softener in use
Clogged Pipes and Fittings
Typical Duplex system in use
Clogged Pipes and Fittings

The pictures of clogged pipes and fittings run automatic regeneration programs that need no attention whatsoever ever apart from the regular topping up of salt pearls into the brine tank.

The duplex system shows one tank in service whilst the other has regenerated and is waiting to be brought into service as soon as the other tank starts its regeneration.


As seen in these picture the amount of damage and restriction in fittings and pipe work goes unnoticed till its often to late and only complete replacement is the only option, not forgetting the secondary damage from water starvation.

At SPS we offer a full water testing service with many tests being undertaken on the day,but some have to be sent away, PH and Water hardness and can be carried out on site for fast results.

Water Filtration

2. Manganese
3. Nitrate
4. Turbidity (cloudiness)

9Many types of contaminate come out of water once its mixed with oxygen from Wells, streams , Bore holes to mention a few, Most of which can easily and safely be removed rendering the water safe and drinkable for humans and animals alike, filtering by mesh or media is a easy way to remove contamination and quite often it only needs an oxygen mixer or brine tank to support the filter.
Many filters work on the same principle as water softeners using resin beds and brine regeneration
These simple illustration’s show the water flow over the resin bed.

A typical Iron and manganese water filter3
A typical Iron and manganese water filter – wash system in progress4
A typical Iron and manganese water filter – wash waste water going to a drain.
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe

The by product from this type of filtration such as Iron and Manganese if removed during automatic or timed regeneration and dumped to the drain

Particle Filtering and Pre Filtering

Cintropur centrafugal partical filter with dump valve to release particals and sludge and incorperating a washable and reuseable filter sock

particle filtering
2014-06-23 15.38.22

Made entirely from first quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR filters are perfectly suitable for food products and drinking water.The CINTROPUR vane transforms the liquid flow into a centrifugal spin by throwing the larger particles down into the lower bowl, according to the chosen filter sleeve micron-size.


1. Filtering of solid particles (earth, sand, rust, etc,…) suspended in the water.

2. Filtration of water for animals.

3. Filtration of rainwater and well water.

4. High and constant flow rate ;

5. Low pressure drop ;

6. Centrifugal prefiltration with a cyclonal effect ;

7. Robustness and Reliability.

8. Fast and easy flushing out.

9. permanent visual control of the filter sleeve (transparent bowl).

10. exclusive system, ecological and not expensive (filter sleeve).

Ultra Violet Disinfection

General UV Disinfection Information

UV water disinfection is a commonly used technology that leaves no taint, chemicals or residues in the treated water. Disinfection using UV light is quick and clean and no bacteria, viruses or moulds are immune to the killing power of UV.UV disinfection units, often called ‘UV sterilisers’ or ‘UV filters’, comprise a stainless steel reactor chamber housing a UV lamp or lamps located inside protective quartz sleeves. These lamps are tailored to emit UV at 254 nm, which is quite lethal to DNA contained in the cells of the bacteria.


The UV breaks and modifies the DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing, effectively killing it.The units have an automatic countdown sequence that runs for 12 months from the day of initiation and will then start a combination of audible alarms to let you know as the time for replacement lamp comes nearer. And will also alarm should you have a lamp failure during the lamps lifetime

The AtlasUV range is designed for reliable disinfection of drinking water and can treat flows from 11.4 l/min (0.7 m³/hr) up to 151 l/min (9.0 m³/hr). These WRAS Approved units benefit from axial flow, polished stainless steel chambers, coupled to a unique and innovative controller featuring a user friendly colour display which gives meaningful user feedback messages.