S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe
S P S (Agricultural) Ltd - Agricultural Plumbing in Crewe

SPS Agricultural

(Pump and Filtration Engineers)

At SPS we specialise in farm water recycle and reuse and making plate cooler and volume wash water a priority, often looking for a second source weather it be from a stream a springs or rain water harvesting, we have had over 11 years of experience in recycling and reusing this water after pumping it and filtering it ready for farm use, we may have to UV disinfect it , dose treat it with background hypochlorite or just filter out the Iron or Manganese before we treat the PH and remove the high Nitrate levels to make it safe for live stock to drink.

We build and supply state of the art water softening filtration to protect your dairy equipment such as robots, dairy equipment and the element in your water heaters and quite often once fitted will eat away and dissolve age old calcium deposits from glass jars stainless steel and your water heaters.

We specialise in poor water flow and poor pressure with state of the art technology in VSD (variable speed drives) in single and multiple booster sets and water storage tanks all of these are available on our sister site SPSFARMPUMPS.CO.UK with normally next day delivery service available.

These type of pump systems and water storage sets can dramatically change the way you use water on the farm from cattle drinking and every trough full and brimming, with reduced cooling time whilst maximising the plate cooler, and wash down water available at full flow everywhere on the farm, these are just a few of the services and equipment available at SPS Agricultural.

SPS Farm Pumps

(Farming Pumps Supplies)

Are you looking for premier quality farming pumps? Well look no further than SPS Farm Pumps UK Based in rural Crewe Cheshire in the heart of the North West.
SPS Farm Pumps have over 11 years of farm pumping experience and working with our partner and superior quality pump manufacturer Ebara who have been delivering quality stainless steel pumps since 1912.

We are happy to offer a next day service on many pumps with only a 5 to 7 day service on potable water storage tanks through our partner ENDUROMAX.
We offer a wide range of Farming/Dairy water pumps and accessories, including Cintropur centrifugal water filtration and Atlas Blackcomb audible alarm UV systems all designed to suit busy farm environments.

So whether you are replacing that old Pentax Cab 200 wash down/ Volume wash pump with a modern alternative Ebara AGA, or wanting to install a new farm booster set and quality potable water storage tank you have come to the right place!
Every day we supply volume wash pump sets, borehole replacement wetted end pumps or motors, dirty water and drainage pumps and we have a complete range of pumps for your plate cooler/water drinker systems ready to ship the next day.


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